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may 2, 2019

New Technology offering RELIEF of the Nerve Pain from

Bulging, Herniated, Degenerated Discs

Now in Colorado Springs

A disc health issue can be life changing. Most patients will develop rather significant symptoms including numbness and altered sensations and weakness the hands and feet. Most patients with a disc issue will show up with radiating pain in their arms and legs. Often this weakness will show as clumsiness and difficulty walking.

Depending on what the part of the nerves that are affected determines your diagnosis. Consider the nerve is like a rubber coated wire with the (inner core of nerve) primarily for carrying strength information and the covering of the nerve myelin sheath is for sensation or feeling. Peripheral neuropathy is a sensory disorder with minimal relationships to leg strength loss. Bulging discs can have sensory or feeling issues down our arms and legs. Weakness is considered a clinical sign for our doctor to order an MRI. Call Dr. Berthiaume today at Laser Spine and Disc Relief Center of Colorado Springs 1819 W Colorado Ave Colorado Springs 80904 719-471-4174.

Loss of strength can be serious as it is a serious risk factor in falls. The Center for Disease (CDC) developed balance classes due to the high mortality rate of falls and associated health issues. If suffering, call Dr. Berthiaume for help with bulging or herniated disc in Colorado Springs at 719- 471-4174.

A bulging, herniated, degenerated disc is mainly done through a comprehensive medical history. Imagery can include x-rays or CT scans, usually an MRI is performed. The golden standard for diagnosing radiating pain is testing with an EMG nerve test. This test is usually performed by a medical neurologist. This test involves measuring nerve flow in our arms and legs. With needles hooked up to a computer. Other health conditions that affect our nerves must be ruled out with blood tests. Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D levels and the thyroid should be tested to rule out other underlying causes.

First treatment usually consists of pharmaceuticals, most commonly prescribed pain meds and inflammatory. Pain meds are commonly prescribed. In my home state, often medications and an injection are the usual scenario with the goal to desensitize the nerves to pressure and thus reduce pain. If injections are un-successful oftentimes patient will be sent for surgery. Our advice in Florida was attempt all conservative measures first before surgery is done.

Our facility here in Colorado Springs at 1819 W Colorado Ave uses a multifaceted approach to help sufferers of peripheral bulging and degenerated discs without drugs or surgery. We use two new light therapies (Class 4 Laser Therapy) and LED Light Therapy by Collagentex. These two new therapies combined with nerve stimulation tools this gently allows the nerve to work better to stimulate the damaged nerves.Laser therapy combined with spinal decompression is a game changer for disc patients.

We also use an innovative tool to stimulate and teach the nerves healthy firing patterns. This device called a Rebuilder has been likened to a pacemaker for leg nerves, similar to a heart pacemaker implanted in a patient’s chest. We also utilize whole body vibrations. These devices have been proven in recent studies to improve nerve function and increase strength and improve balance.

Spinal decompression is a form of computerized traction. This machine is designed to separate the vertebrae and create negative pressure within the disc to heal the bulge. Over 30 years of positive stretches have indicated excellent patient outcomes.

Nerve related conditions are difficult to manage and can be more difficult to accurately diagnosis and treat. In our program we call our initial meeting a screening to determine if the nerve damage is too severe to respond to our new technology. If your seeking relief of your bulging or degenerated disc symptoms call Laser Spine and Disc Relief Center of Colorado Springs at 719-471-4174 located at 1819 W Colorado Ave , Colorado Springs. If you are suffering with a bulging, herniated or degenerated disc and you want to avoid back surgery, this new technique may help.

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